Our Merchant Program is designed to help existing small businesses grow, create jobs and serve their communities.  And as UNOs are used in the normal course of buying and selling, small businesses will see their profits grow.

This growth will enable SMEs, including retailers, farmers, manufacturers, service providers and more, to create jobs. The uptick in economic activity spurred by the introduction of the UNO will rapidly accelerate Puerto Rico’s clean energy transition and expand into critical areas including education, transportation, venture development, caregiving and support for arts and culture. 

For startups

  • Our Entrepreneurship Development Program helps entrepreneurs hone their ideas and  navigate through a proof-of-concept phase.
  • We can provide seed funding grants to help them test their idea and validate their business plan.
  • Our mix of financial assistance and know-how helps entrepreneurs get their concepts to the point where they are viable candidates for conventional funding.

For established businesses

  • Low-interest lines of credit denominated in UNOs.
  • UNO supplements to bring employee compensation up to living wage level. 
  • Commissions in USD for selling UNOs


When local businesses accept UNOs (in whole or in part), participating SMEs become eligible for various UNO benefits:

  • Credit and debit card processing, with processing fees paid by NCG in the form of bonuses in UNOs for converting portions of USD payments into UNOs
  • .Grants to bring employee compensation up to the equivalent of $15/hour.
  • Grants to pay for new employees, including paid interns, with potential IRS tax credits for hiring certain types of employees.
  • Grants to pay for fringe benefits as a tool for recruiting and retaining employees.

For details, see Prosperity for Puerto Rico.