Fund Raise and Promotion

One of the most important contributions someone can make to this effort is assisting us with fund raising and promotion, at both the national and state level.

And while other roles (such as organizational efforts) entail primarily volunteer contributions at this time, with the prospects of part and full time employment downstream, the role of fundraiser/promoter can translate into immediate income directly tied to the success of that function.

There are three ways in which someone can fundraise/promote the SCF concept and thereby earn income. The first two ways are accomplished through a technique commonly called “affiliate marketing” in which the promoter provides their recipient with a special link that includes an identifier in the link that let’s us know who made the referral. In the event the referral results in a sale, then the referrer gets a commission. The third way entails grant writing.

  1. The first method entails sharing the concept via the promoters social media network(s) and thereby earning a commission when that results in a sale. That entails encouraging their network contacts to go to a page on our website where they can:
    1. learn about the whole SCF concept and the role a complementary currency will play in bootstrapping local economies and providing them with a means to earn more money (including getting a commission to promote to their own network(s)), and
    2. signup to establish a complementary currency account in the state where they live, that becomes active when their state system is turned on, and
    3. pre-purchase any amount of their state currency they want which will result in a 2 for 1 purchase once the SCF complementary currency system is turned on for their state (Example: $10 buys 20 units of their state currency. After the system is turned on, all purchases will be 1 currency unit for $1), plus
    4. they will receive a sign-up bonus in their complementary currency account similar to the way in which banks sometimes give new account holders a certain amount of money in their new checking account just for signing up.
  2. The second method entails direct sales to organizations (and individuals) who would like to see the SCF concept implemented in their state and are in a better financial position to make larger purchases of the currency than those in the above process. An example might be a large employer that would like to encourage the deployment of the SCF concept in their community. Those purchasers can treat the purchase as a philanthropic contribution by donating the currency so purchased to their employees, to local non-profits, etc., subsequent to making the purchase from SCC.

For the successful promoter using either of the methods described above, an immediate commission would be earned equal to 20% of the funds received by SCC. To put that in perspective, a person with a network of 20,000 contacts that gets half of them to make a small $5 purchase on average (some more, some less), then the total commission from just one promotion could be $10,000! (20,000 contacts x 50% x $5 x 20%). A single sale of $50,000 to a local business would yield the same commission.

Anyone interested in earning money through this kind of sales/promotion can signup with us by first sending us an email to We will follow up with instructions on setting up your affiliate account and requests for guidance on your preferred payment method (i.e., ACH bank deposits, PayPal, Venmo etc.).

The third method of fund raising entails writing and processing grant applications on behalf of SCC with either a government funding source or a philanthropic funding source (like a foundation). This is a more complicated method of fundraising and likely requires someone with experience in such grant writing. Compensation is based on the grants received by SCC.  Interested parties should email us at