Ways to participate

Before exploring ways in which you can participate, we have a request. While current laws and regulations allow we the people the freedom to issue our own money, current IRS tax regulations means that when we use such a currency, it is taxed as though we used dollars, and any tax due has to be paid in dollars. That limits what can be done with a complementary currency. However, if the IRS were to consider a currency, issued by a non-profit organization for the purposes of community economic development as exempt from tax, then the scope and benefits of the currency is dramatically enhanced.

Therefore we request that you endorse our petition to the President and/or Congress to make such currencies tax exempt. You can further support this effort financially by going to the Donate page and making a donation or preferably pre-purchasing some of your state’s currency before its Initial State Offering (ISO).

How you can get involved.

SCC is seeking volunteers for a variety of jobs that can evolve into paid positions as resources and conditions permit. Currently there are three areas where interested parties can participate. The fundraising/promoter roles provide compensation upon success.

They are:

  1. National and State Coordinators
  2. Fundraisers/Promoters

Click on the participation type that interests you and sign up. You are under no obligation.