In collaboration with the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity (GISP), the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR), the Qoin Foundation and a number of other contributors, we plan to establish the Sustainable Communities Institute (SCI) in Ohio.

NCG is currently engaged with compatible economic development efforts, including ReImagine Appalachia (RA). The Institute will work closely with RA and its more than 100 partner organizations on program development and implementation.

The  Institute is intended to be the center of gravity for our Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF) efforts. We call it a “think-do tank” because it will take an active role in influencing what it is studying, in a positive feedback loop.

Our premise is that the Institute would be in the best position to record, analyze and report on the SCF implementation. It will document and develop best practices, and refine the methodology to facilitate application of the SCF in other distressed communities.

The Institute is intended to serve researchers, policymakers, business leaders, economic development organizations, NGOs, philanthropists, government officials and others from around the world who wish to observe and learn how to adapt the SCF to their local conditions.

The institute will also work with scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors and others to help develop products and services that can contribute to creating sustainable communities in Ohio and beyond.

The Institute’s first activity will be to achieve an accurate measurement of the impact of the SCF in Ohio. To that end, we will undertake two separate studies under rigorous academic conditions: A conventional gross domestic product (GDP)-type study (led by CEEDR) and the more inclusive Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) study (led by GISP). The SCF program in Ohio provides a rich laboratory to integrate such studies with real world practices and to create a virtuous cycle.

As SCF is a cutting-edge economic development paradigm, it has applicability throughout most of the world, in both developed and developing economies. As the center of gravity for this program, the Institute will promote its adoption by providing expertise on the program and guidance on how to launch and grow it region by region. 

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