A key component of any resilient community is the ability to identify and cultivate inherent talents found locally toward job creation, industry diversification and meaningfull employment. 

Systematically tapping entrepreneurial inspiration, initiative and commitment is vital to remaining competitive in a global marketplace—these same attributes apply to small businesses serving local communities. 

SCC provides access to technologies and strategies more familiar in high-tech and high-finance hubs, providing the SCF with the tools needed to help prepare anyone for the rigors of entrepreneurship and careers of the 21st Century.


An Advanced Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Harnessing indigenous creativity, initiative and commitment is vital to competitiveness and resilience in the global marketplace.

A key component of any resilient community is the ability to identify and cultivate inherent talents found locally toward job creation, industry diversification and meaningfull employment. By adding revenue to venture development organizations often administered in schools, incubators, accelerators, community co-working spaces, and corporate innovation centers, SCC is able to provide world class resources otherwise out of reach while remaining negligible- to no-cost for entrepreneurs, small businesses and transitioning workers to enjoy.

Our program offers tools and processes providing any entrepreneur, organization, company or municipality leading technologies and strategies aimed at actualizing talent, regionally. The program provides for more accessible entrepreneurial resources, relevant and scalable through open source innovation and social engagement, automated and intuitive via machine learning. And since not everyone with a good idea will become an entrepreneur, with ever demanding workforce development challenges, companies and municipalities use these tools to challenge, develop and recruit ideal employees, helping companies avoid costly mis-hires and communities become more self-reliant. 

Successful venture capitalists (VCs) play a numbers game. They know that the majority of the companies they fund will ultimately fail, but they place enough bets that those that do survive more than cover those that do not. The more businesses they fund, the greater the chances of profiting enormously from breakout winners.

Raising startup funds is the most difficult step in the fundraising process for any business, and represents the single biggest barrier to launching viable businesses. The SCC allows communities and corporations to collaborate in vital partnerships aimed at taking the risk out of this most risky stage through a number of innovative programs including grants to promising startups, compensating mentors and service providers, and capitalizing breakthrough developments to the benefit of the community.

Complementary currencies represent a leap forward in capitalizing startups otherwise too risky for conventional investors and banks. The supply of such currencies is unlimited, so every viable startup can be awarded complementary currency grants. We will thus be able to launch many more potential businesses, with commensurate new jobs, than can conventional financing. This massively improves prospects for new entrepreneurs, and the odds that some of those businesses will become breakout stars.

Providing grants to early-stage entrepreneurs will accelerate economic activity as opposed to the often drawn out, legally complex and costly methods of conventional investments and loans. The only condition of an SCF grant is that the recipient accept the complementary currency in the normal course of their business, as partial or whole payment for their goods or services, thereby extending benefits of the complementary currency to the broader community.

With grants, entrepreneurs retain 100% ownership of their business until it is validated in the marketplace. At that point, they would enjoy a stronger case for conventional financing, or would more easily justify further grant funding, similar to how micro-loans are managed.

As a nonprofit, SCC is able to affordably employ leading technologies and strategies found primarily in high-tech and high-finance hubs. Access to such resources grants us the unique ability to help prepare anyone for the rigors of entrepreneurship, and in the process, familiarize them with the gig economy while also qualifying them for hungry employers dissatisfied with outdated recruitment methodologies which commonly fail to identify the soft skills needed in a changing workforce.

Developed by SCC advisor and SCF co-architect Scott McIntyre, our  process guides aspiring entrepreneurs  “From Concept to Capital”™ virtually or physically through venture development processes designed for prescribed outcomes, whether for social impact projects, corporate innovation challenges, or just an aspiring entrepreneur’s really big idea, allowing anyone to participate in the innovation economy. 

Helping New Companies Launch. Helping Existing Companies Grow


Our technologies and processes are able to accelerate even the smallest projects from “what if” to “when”, helping capture fleeting inspiration and driving critical economic development outcomes..

We provide entrepreneurs, organizations and communities transformative technologies and economic development strategies that fuel sustainable innovation communities.

Workforce Development

Talent acquisition in a global, highly-specialized world isn’t easy or efficient. Our program enables companies to attract qualified talent by constructing and promoting real-work challenges on a digital platform. During the virtual challenges and internships, our analytics score both their quantitative and qualitative skills.

Through these challenges, growing companies outsource R&D, offer internships/apprenticeships, and qualify hires with full transparency of the soft-skills sorely lacking on resumes alone.


To discuss the many ways  our program works to fortify local economies, please email Scott McIntyre here.