National Commonwealth Group is much more than a think tank.

We develop our research into actionable projects designed to support the small and mid-size businesses that help create economically healthy communities.

Our work can be broadly assigned to the categories of research, projects and vehicles. Within these categories we focus on topics such as money creation, complementary currencies, entrepreneur development, corporate structures and more.


The Money page outlines the fundamental ideas that inform our strategy and implementation plans.

The Vehicles section, and articles that describe Commonwealth Development Organizations, Public Benefit Financial Institutions and Small Business Holding Companies, lays out the key building blocks necessary to implement our overall strategy.

The Projects page introduces our pilot project aimed at helping the residents of Puerto Rico reimagine, rebuild and revitalize their economy. 


Our research focuses on the issues of money and currencies, banking, securities, and other topics related to small business creation, funding and growth, and community economic development.


Our current project is focused on local economic development in Puerto Rico. It draws from many of our research findings to create a ground-breaking approach to supporting entrepreneurial businesses.


We’ve created tools and processes that provide any entrepreneur, organization or municipality with  leading technologies and strategies aimed at actualizing latent talent. 

Corporate Vehicles

We have developed three uniquely organized primary corporate structures (or vehicles) that can be used to carry out our overall objective of local community economic development through support for both for-profit and non-profit entities..