SCF Nigeria

Upcoming SCF Nigeria Programs

The following programs, introduced on this page What Can Be Done With the SCF? are the next ones that will be launched in Nigeria:

  • Poverty Elimination using a Universal Basic Income (UBI) grant program to eliminate extreme poverty and universally solve the problem of hunger throughout a region. Every resident of Enugu (~6 million), rich or poor, is eligible for the UBI grant, as will the rest of the residents throughout the country to follow, and
  • A comprehensive Infrastructure grant program capable of funding all manner of government infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, sanitation, energy and water systems, transportation systems and a whole lot more. We will start with all the local governments in the state of Enugu, including 17 local government areas (LGAs – similar to counties in the US), over 50 cities and towns, and 580+ villages, followed by the other 35 states, with thousands of cities and towns and over 10,000 villages.

How You Can Help

Please note that to date SCC has developed everything with its own resources, but with the impending NrG Company launch, the new non-profit and its programs, additional resources are needed from outside that can greatly aid in the deployment of these programs throughout Enugu and the rest of Nigeria and beyond. Interested parties can donate to this effort below. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.