SCF Nigeria Donations

Why Donate?

We realize you have many worthy organizations that you can support. So why donate to Sustainable Communities Corporation (SCC) and our SCF Nigerian program? The answer lies at the heart of our Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF) program and the multiplier effect your donations will have.

SCF is based on the concept that we can issue our own money (called a complementary currency). And we have no limit on the amount of money that we can issue. In fact, once our program is established in a region, it can easily become nearly 100% self financing. Nonetheless, to get off the ground and grow more quickly, we can greatly benefit from donated funds (in just about any national currency).

We will multiply those funds many times. And while it’s hard to estimate, a projection of more than 100 to 1 is not unreasonable.  And since our constituencies include thousands of not-for-profit organizations (non-profits and governments) you will be directly assisting a large number of organizations with each donation. 

Please note* SCC is a 501(c)(4) tax exempt non-profit. Donations directly to SCC are not tax deductible to US citizens. If you need your donation to be tax deductible with the IRS, please select the IRS option below and choose your donation type.

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