Based in Youngstown and Toldeo, Ohio, we are working with universities, elected officials, non-profit organizations and others in northern Ohio to launch the Sustainable Communities Framework. 

Ohio, and Youngstown specifically, was ground zero for the shift from the 20th century industrial economy when on September 19, 1977, Youngstown Sheet & Tube announced it was shuttering its Campbell Works steel mill,  putting some 5,000 people out of work and signaling the start of deindustrialization and the end of an era.

It is fitting that the birth of a new economic paradigm should arise where the death of the old paradigm began. Or to put it another way, the birthplace of the Rust Belt can become the birthplace of the New Economy. 

The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the structural weaknesses, defects, limitations, imbalances and inequities in the current economic paradigm. The Sustainable Communities Framework offers a way to not only mitigate the economic devastation caused by the  pandemic but also expand Ohio’s economy in new directions guided by a new consciousness more in harmony with the needs of a new century.


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