Information Technology

A Development Team

One of the most important elements of the Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF) program is a comprehensive, multi-faceted information technology platform. That is because the SCF is itself a multi-faceted, economic, environmental and social development program, that needs a comprehensive IT platform to carry out all its activities.

These are the main components that need to be developed, implemented and supported. Each is explained further below. All of our systems are to be open source so that we might freely share them around the world.

We are looking initially for volunteers to work on these various components, along with team leaders to oversee the development. Many of those positions will quickly lead to paid positions.

  1. A social media platform for building a whole host of communities all around the SCF ecosystem. This platform would be somewhat similar to platforms like Facebook.
  2. A backend core banking platform to be used by all our banks for maintaining checking accounts and other similar accounts, both in the complementary currency and in dollars.
  3. A goods and services trading platform that would resemble a hybrid of Craigslist and eBay
  4. An affiliate marketing system