Finding Genius

National Commonwealth Group (NCG) is a non-profit regional economic development organization whose core program is the Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF) https://scf.greenThe SCF program is powered by regionally issued complementary currencies. In Ohio the currency is called the BuckOH.

Small and medium businesses/enterprises (SMEs) and non-profit organizations, whether new or existing, are two of the primary targeted beneficiaries of the SCF program.

As part of our Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development Program (EWDP) program, we offer a comprehensive online business incubation and acceleration system to help launch new SMEs and non-profits and grow existing ones. In addition, we have a number of other ways in which we can help provide additional revenue to existing SMEs and non-profits. See Prosperity for Ohio and A New Revenue Source for Non-Profits.

Inspire. Innovate. Implement.

The EWDP is powered by the online startup incubation program Finding Genius Finding Genius can not only provide a development platform for new enterprises, but can also be used by existing organizations to grow or modify their enterprise.

In addition, Finding Genius  can be used to establish, develop and pursue any number of projects under a corporate sponsorship, which often results in a job or internship offer.

Finding Genius is used by thousands of Generation Z and Alpha entrepreneurs and students, employers, high schools and higher educational institutions as well as non-profit organizations in Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The EWDP program provides a post-pandemic, 21st century solution to business incubation and workforce development. Previously, business required a physical presence in the region served and the prospective entrepreneurs, their teams, advisors and workforce development participants needed convenient access to that facility.

Now this program allows us to service any individual and/or group in all areas with an active EWDP program, without limitation as to the number of simultaneous participants. No other physically based system can come close to matching the reach and scope of this offering.

One of the primary targets of our program is students at four-year colleges and universities operating throughout the region serviced, along with students at community colleges, trade schools and high schools throughout the state.

Stay tuned for more information about NCG’s EWDP program and the Finding Genius platform.