When we looked into the reality of money and how it is injected into society (See What Is Money?), we discovered that some past societies were more prosperous under a complementary monetary system, where an alternative currency is issued locally alongside a national currency. (Alternative currencies are also known as complementary currencies, local currencies, or virtual currencies) . View some notable examples in Complementary Currencies in Use

We formulated a plan to leverage alternative monetary systems into a new financial paradigm that could be implemented by the people just about anywhere, without support (or interference) by the current power players.(See our pilot  program for Puerto Rico here. Program details here.)

We were able to craft a comprehensive system for rapidly bootstrapping local economies everywhere based on this new financial paradigm. We call it the Sustainable Communities Framework.


The Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF) tracks closely to the Green New Deal (GND), the key difference being that the proposed GND is a program authorized, administered and funded by the federal government.

By contrast, the SCF is a regionally managed, grassroots effort self-funded by money issued by the people themselves, known as complementary currency. Historically successful uses of complementary currency validate the SCF approach to fortifying local economies. 

Because the SCF is locally driven, any population can implement the SCF without government approval or funding, and thereby begin improving its economic, social and environmental quality of life. 

NCG is undertaking a robust promotional campaign to illuminate for local stakeholders that they needn’t wait while Congress debates the GND when their communities can immediately begin tapping the benefits of SCF programs simply by choosing to do so now.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has been battered by both natural and man-made disasters. Heavily in debt, the island has suffered through an austerity program that has decimated services to the population. Hurricane Maria wrought more devastation and relief efforts have been slow.

Puerto Rico is a community in great need. It presents a unique opportunity to use the Sustainable Communities Framework to radically improve people’s lives on the island. The residents of Puerto Rico will be the first to benefit from the SCF, while the lessons learned there will help us to refine the program for continued benefit, and for application in other areas.

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